Studio portraits work on location around the world post production

Welcome! I am photographer living in Malmö in the south of Sweden. Although I lived in France in my youth, Sweden has become my home now. See more art projects on my personal site as well. In the 90´I had a studio in Stockholm working in fashion and advertising. In the years 2000 untill 2010 I made a U-turn and worked on art projects taking me around the world visiting more than 40 countries. Since 2010 I live in Malmö and Österlen.  I am still working in art and teaching as well. Assignements for Nolato AB, IKEA, Ernst&Young, Libers, Chalmers, Sydsvenkan Nöjesguiden, Moriskan, Inkonst, Expressbild, Exakta and for artist and privat cession as well. Welcome! Michel T. 0046 -0707198023

Adenko studio | Photographer Michel Thomas.
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